Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Carvaggio Study, continued

In a previous post, I mentioned I had started a Caravaggio study. I am posting pics of the last several sittings here to see the progress. As a student of oil painting, I find these studies very educational as it forces me to focus on technical details of the painting that are hard to see if you just look at it. I started this originally as just an effot to "draw" the figures in darks and lights and now I have begun to glaze some color. I'm pretty close to being done with the study as my goal was not to "perfectly" render this (since I can't!), but to understand some techniques better and learn what I need to work on next to advance my skill. Also, it should be noted that there is a huge difference between painting a picture or painting a painting and drawing from real life in terms of difficulty and approach. In a study like this, I find that I am really just focused on how the other artist rendered the subject rather than on rendering the subject the way I would see it. (I should also mention that these pics were taken with an i-phone and the quality of the photos generally suck.)


  1. They look excellent to me.

    The original Caravaggio is gorgeous. Wonderfully bright lighting. Such precise, delineated boundaries make it incredibly bold and clear. I really like Jesus's facial expression and demeanor; very serious, calm, brave, reflective; the antithesis of a hysterical James Taggart expression.

  2. Thanks, my attraction to this painting was Jesus's facial expression. The resignation and sadness during a moment of profound betrayal. Of course, I'm trying to learn how to draw different facial expressions, and a black and white of this picture was in the drawing book, so I decided to undertake this study (which got sort of out of control as I tried to do more and more...) Caravaggio's technique is off the charts - so many were influenced by him, use of light and dark - truly outstanding - someday, it will be great to see this picture in person, I will probably spend an hour staring at it